Is Your Consultant Really Helping You?

If you’re feeling like this guy, get in touch below!

If you’re feeling like this guy, get in touch below!

Now is the time we start to receive requests from MBA applicants whose current consultants are not working out. They complain of meaningless pages upon pages of “worksheets”. Slow or non-existent responses. Vague advice. Lack of availability or vanishing during crunch time. These are some of the complaints we hear a lot. This year, there’s even a new one: a consultant who only works by brief text message, when he works at all.

If this describes your situation and you’d like to reconsider your consultant, we would be happy to review your current materials and give you honest, direct, and actionable advice so you can make up for lost time. And depending on the condition of your materials, you may qualify for a reward (e.g., complimentary interview training or Japanese-English LOR development service) that can be applied to any Comprehensive Consulting package.

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