INSEAD Testimonial: GMAT 640

I cannot thank Bryan more given that I was accepted to my dream school with a GMAT score of 640.

Not only did he support me in creating sophisticated essays, Bryan also motivated me and set my pace when I wasn’t able to spend enough time on my MBA application.

Frontloading method: This was the biggest point why I chose Bryan. Bryan starts by answering core questions that all admissions offices care about before working on specific essay questions for one school. Through this exercise, I was able to create sophisticated essays and was confident during my interviews because I had acquired a sense of what the admission office required and had ample episodes to share that I didn’t write about in my essays.

Professionalism: Editing quality aside, I was always able to rely on Bryan with even the subtlest question because I knew he would swiftly respond to me. On top of that, Bryan was truly a discussion partner. He not only asked the right questions at the right time, he sometimes challenged me hard to reach the expectation level of the admission office when I came up with a very superficial episode.

Overall, working with Bryan was fun and I enjoyed our weekly meetings. I had some up and downs as most applicants do, but I was able to enjoy my MBA application! Thank you Bryan!