Featured Testimonial: Darden w/ 630 GMAT (avg. 717, also WL at Wharton)

Pursuing an MBA is a decision. Choosing a consultant is also a decision. I chose to work with Bryan during our trial consultation. Through the conversation, I could tell he knew what to do get applicants get into top business schools. My decision was absolutely right! Most of the applicants know what they have accomplished. However, especially in the beginning, they (including myself) tend to focus less on how, why, and what you learned from your experience. As a former journalist, he will make you dig deeper into your stories to find your own gem that each and every applicant has that he / she may not notice. He is very responsive and supportive even when he is super busy and he is always straight to the point. If you compare your initial essay draft with the same essay you finalized with Bryan, you will experience a complete transformation. The messages you want to convey in the essays are concise, clear, and strong. They catch the eyes of the admissions committees of the top business schools, and the results speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend to go with one of his Comprehensive Consulting packages. Unlike many other consultants who charge on an hourly or a session basis, Bryan values the success of his clients. You can ask as many questions and have as many discussions as you want without worrying about being charged extra. Bryan will always be there for you until you cross the finish line. His professionalism and personality are definitely something you can rely on.