INSEAD Testimonial (English & Chinese): From Zero to Acceptance + Scholarship in 1 Month

When I struggled to write down my career path and was confused about these essay questions INSEAD required, I found myself helpless even though I had taken English composition courses at college. I accepted my college classmate’s recommendation, who was a current student at INSEAD at that time, making an appointment for a trial consultation with Bryan.

Bryan took a look at my resume, asking me to clarify details about my stories, and suggested a revised and eye-catching description of my major achievements at my current job. No jargon, nor redundant words, only simple and precise descriptions that demonstrated my contributions and potential. I knew at once that I must work with him to catch the R2 deadline for INSEAD.

Working with Bryan was a rewarding experience. Bryan is definitely a talented story teller. He guided me to focus on the vital characteristics of my career path and to develop them into stories that showed my fit for INSEAD.

Taking advantage of the different time zones between us, I usually sent him my drafts and questions at midnight after I took my son to bed and got Bryan’s replies in the morning. This efficiency enabled me to well prepare the whole application package in time at high quality.

The application finally won me not only admission to INSEAD but also several scholarships. I am really glad that I made the right decision to work with Bryan!



除了備審資料準備,在面試的準備上我也獲得Bryan很受用的建議。我不是很擅長面試,在Video interview和校友面試前,跟Bryan的模擬練習讓我建立信心,知道自己的優勢,還有哪些地方能改善。有了明確的準備方向,在實戰時就能穩定發揮實力。