Success beyond test scores

You’re more than a number. We bring out the personal side of MBA and college applicants.



Consulting and writing services for new applicants and re-applicants to MBA programs. 

Japanese-English Services

Professional services for Japanese applicants seeking admission to US MBA programs.


Consulting and writing services for new applicants and re-applicants to colleges. 


Despite what you might have heard, your test scores do not control your MBA fate. Great essays can often overcome average test scores, but great test scores rarely overcome average essays. We've proven that time and time again. Our goal for you is to gain admission to schools that seem beyond the range of your test scores by telling your personal story that will show schools your unique value. 

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The MBA application process has a very interesting dynamics… it is far from being just executional and administrative. It is about you understanding yourself and knowing how to present it to different audiences. I am very glad I could work with Bryan, whom I respect and trust, through the challenging process.
— Accepted applicant to Wharton with scholarship and Fulbright Fellowship
I screened several MBA admissions consultants before choosing with whom to work. Bryan was by far the best and I cannot recommend him highly enough for both essay advice and interview prep. I simply would not have been able to complete this process without Bryan.
— Accepted Applicant to Columbia University and Wharton

Beyond Test Scores


580 GMAT accepted to Wharton (average: 730)

660 GMAT accepted to Kellogg (average: 728)

640 GMAT accepted to Kellogg and Wharton with scholarship

640 GMAT accepted to Columbia (average: 717)

660 GMAT accepted to MIT Sloan (average: 724)

640 GMAT accepted to LBS (average: 708)

640 GMAT accepted to Ross (average 708)

620 GMAT accepted to Stanford MSX


About Bryan Shih

I've been a professional admissions consultant for 15 years. I have a background in journalism and have worked for NPR, The Financial time and been a Fullbright Fellow and book author reviewed by the NY Times and Washington Post. I attended UC Berkley with a full scholarship and graduated with a MA. I have lived in Japan where I established myself as one of the most successful consultants in the country and now live in New York.

Honing my journalism skills and passion to tell people's stories has been the core of my consulting services. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than knowing that I’m adding value to my clients’ lives by helping them get closer to fulfilling their potential.